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Aluminium Toxicity

Modern living is filled with contaminants. Exposure to harmful metals, toxins or other noxious substances can blight good health by accumulating in the body. Natural detoxification helps the removal of toxic substances without aggravating the body or depleting it of vital nutrients. It is important to support the elimination pathways as well as replace vitamins & minerals when riding the body of impurities.

British Homoeopathic Congress 2014

Last weekend, New Vistas were thrilled to be part of the biennial British Homoeopathic Congress in Glasgow. Kindly organised by the Faculty of Homoeopathy, this year’s theme was ‘Homoeopathy – Sustainable Healthcare’. There were over 100 delegates present and the two day event was filled with thought-provoking presentations, case studies and personal experiences. It was […]

The measurable benefits of localism

We had the ’Tour de France’ in Yorkshire earlier this year, and now it is time for the ‘Figure 8 Tour of Wales’, but this is a cycling event with a twist. The brain child of Tim Keates, advocate for quality, local foods, this cycling expedition embraces great local food and showcases how sustainable food […]

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