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ECHAMP supports recent Matrix Insight report on the Availability of Medicinal Products

ECHAMP has welcomed the report as a positive measure in highlighting the issue of availability of homoeopathic medicines.

Study on the Availability of Medicinal Products for Human Use

Read the independent report on the availability of medicinal products and how it affects the end consumer and their choices of healthcare.

Kinesiology – Celebrates 50 years and progress continues, by Angela Burr Madsen

Kinesiology has certainly become more widespread in recent years and for those that utilise it, it is important to raise awareness of its potential benefits to the public.

Respiratory & Ear Infections – Lower levels of antibiotic use in children treated with with anthroposophic medicine

Antibiotic resistance is considered a major modern public health problem. This new study shows reduced use of antibiotics in children with acute respiratory & ear infections treated with anthroposophic medicinal products. This report makes an important contribution to the argument for reducing prescriptions of antibiotics. Read more.

New Vistas Training – 2015

We are pleased to announce the up-coming training schedule for 2015. New Vistas Product Training will now be offered as tiered training seminars. Day 1 will cover our basic Toxicology training, known as our usual Introductory day. Day 2 will be classified as Advanced Homoeotherapy with Nutritional & Emotional Support. Commencing in 2015, there will […]

CAM Therapies & the problem of antimicrobial resistance

EUROCAM is an alliance of  European  organisations for patients, physicians and practitioners in the field of CAM Therapies. It promotes and facilitates CAM’s role in maintaining public health, highlighting health promotion and illness prevention and promotes CAM at European level. It has published a new policy document on antimicrobial resistance. WHO states that  antimicrobial resistance […]

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