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CAM Therapies – MEPs write to Commission about lack of availability.

The Matrix Report on the availability of medicines in the EU identified shortages of  certain medicines including CAM medicines particularly homoeopathy and herbal medicines. Inadequate legislation and high cost over regulation were among the measures attributed to the lack of availability of those two CAM medicines. Now a group of MEPs have written to the […]

Homoeopathy – In use in 100 Clinics in Tuscany

A recent article published in The Journal of Medicine and the Person shows that the Tuscany Region in Italy has effectively integrated CAM Therapies, led by homoeopathy and acupuncture, in 100 clinics. With treatments provided for more than 4000 patients, the article suggests it’s a model that could be followed by other Health Authorities, providing better […]

Zephorium Soul Tonics – Change your thoughts…Change your life

Innovative homeopathy lends itself to all CAM providers, assisting the body’s natural tendency for healing and restoration. Holistic health integrates the wellness of the mind, body and spirit and a comprehensive, personalised health plan will only work if each aspect is upheld and regarded. By considering physical, psychological and spiritual wellness, it is possible to advance the perception of modern health.

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