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Breast Cancer – Omega-3 Fish Oil Lowers Risk

Jeongseon et al carried out a case-control study to examine the association between fish sourced omega-3 fatty acid intake and the risk of breast cancer. The results of the study suggest that high consumption of fatty fish is associated with a reduced risk for breast cancer. Read Here

Homoeopathy & Depression.

Dana Ullman, lecturer, published author and regular contributor to The Huffington Post, provides a modern and significant interpretation on the role of homoeopathy and how it can aid depressive conditions. For the full blog, as published in Huffpost Healthy Living , please read here.

Small fish oil doses enough to lower blood pressure: RCT

Dr. Anne Marie Minihane, University of East Anglia, has investigated the role of fish oils in cardiovascular health. The study has determined that even the smallest amounts of fish oil can reduce blood pressure (BP), but only in those who have a history of hypertension. For more details of the research, please read the following […]

Dairy consumption and Asthma

A recent report shows how the consumption of unprocessed (raw) cow’s milk may be linked to the improvement of asthma and other sensitivity symptoms. The PASTURE study looked at the differences in fatty acid composition between raw milk and industrially processed milk. Read more. It is worth considering whether the herd are classed as A1 […]

Healthy Ageing – foods to prevent cancer

In a recent ‘Townsend Letter’ article (August/September 2015), Dr. Ronald Klatz and Dr. Robert Goldman, both experienced practitioners specialising in healthy ageing, looked at an anti-ageing approach to cancer through protective foods. This is just one subdivision that can stimulate positive changes for improved ageing. To read the article on the potential health benefits of […]

Holistic Weight Loss: Obesity and metabolic disorders

Obesity is fast becoming a growing health concern. According to the NIHR Imperial BRC (National Institute for Health Research – Imperial Biomedical Research Centre), endocrine and metabolic diseases are the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in the UK. They have noted that the current obesity epidemic is leading to early death through diabetes, cardiovascular […]

New Vistas – Your Personalised Health Plan

We have long been synonymous with natural, holistic health. Homoeopathy stimulates the body’s innate healing power and homoeotherapy addresses environmental and lifestyle influences by combining homoeopathic detoxification with nutrition. Our philosophy has stood the test of time.

Aluminium Toxicity

Modern living is filled with contaminants. Exposure to harmful metals, toxins or other noxious substances can blight good health by accumulating in the body. Natural detoxification helps the removal of toxic substances without aggravating the body or depleting it of vital nutrients. It is important to support the elimination pathways as well as replace vitamins & minerals when riding the body of impurities.

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