Yin Yang HumanNew Vistas Healthcare strongly believes in promoting health and raising awareness, not simply managing debilitating symptoms. As a leading homoeopathic supplier, we help people cope with the stresses and strains of modern living. We encourage our practitioners to look at exogenous and endogenous influences affecting their clients and how these factors can contribute to the complexity of symptoms and ill health.

Our range is predominantly homoeopathic, however we do extend our products to cover a wide spectrum of integrated medicines. We offer detoxification remedies to help access and eliminate the root cause of problems. Anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal formulations eliminate harmful microbes. Immune enhancers and nutritional support remedies help rebuild and strengthen weakened organs and body systems.

We advocate for more health professionals to look closely at the potential factors surrounding ill health: toxicity, nutrition, emotional unrest and stress. By addressing the unique needs and nature of a person, it contributes to a deeper understanding of many ailments.

Working with a passion for health and to provide a service to all complementary and medical practitioners, we embrace the work of ECHAMP, ECH and homoeopathic associations that help make us the reliable and quality brand of healthcare that we are today.

We not only work with homoeopaths but with medical professions and many other healthcare therapists. Homoeopathy, because of its gentle and safe nature works well alongside nutritional therapy, kinesiology, acupuncture, naturopathy, reiki, reflexology, bio resonance therapy, osteopathy, cranio sacral therapy, massage and emotional therapeutics. Homoeopathy is also successfully used by veterinarians to help support suffering animals.

The visualisation that healthcare is a choice and everybody has the right and means to be healthy starts with professional and accredited health care practitioners. We value continual learning and a quest for knowledge. CAM providers share our vision – health and vitality – and that common goal regularly sees our broad approach to health expand and focus more on the individual.

Energy medicine uses corrective measures to restore, repair, re-balance and maintain the vital force and we are driven to further promote homoeopathy as a brand of healthcare and the importance of choice in complementary therapies.

Traditionalism – Homoeopathy verses Homeopathy

Throughout our website, you will notice that where possible we use the original spelling homoeopathy. Hahnemann, the founder of homoeopathy, was also a linguist and took pride in the origins of words. Homoeopathy derives from the Greek ‘homeois’ meaning similar or like and ‘pathos’ which means suffering.  Combining the two together means ‘similar suffering’ which in essence is the exact theory behind the remedies – the ‘Law of Similars’. However, in recent times the origin of the word seemed less popular with homeopathy being used as a simplified version. Homoeopathy and homeopathy are the same, but from time to time in other articles you may see homeopathy used. We have always maintained the authentic spelling of homoeopathy, staying true to Hahnemann but either variant is acceptable.



harmony of body and soulOur focus is the prevention and analysis of chronic health conditions. Health, wellness and fitness have somewhat struggled as priorities in this modern and ever-changing environment and so today our philosophy is of greater importance.

Complementary and alternative countermeasures offer relief for the body, mind and soul. Some therapies originate from traditional Eastern philosophies and a holistic approach to health is at the forefront of our message. Combing individual assessment with detoxification, drainage, organ support and immunomodulation offers an all-round therapeutic modality. Our skilled team have nurtured and developed top quality natural products and professional services which have helped signify us as strong contenders in our field.

Natural health products seek to address the underlying cause of the person’s condition in a gentle yet effective manner, without adding additional stress to the body. New Vistas products are designed with a philosophy, acknowledging the practical challenges facing the masses of people wishing to remain healthy through preventative measures. Through awareness and new thinking about the current environmental factors affecting health today, we can rise to the challenge of ill health and provide a synergistic approach that helps restore good health.

Our specific program for the chronically ill incorporates essential phases in the restoration of balance: xenobiotics for detoxification of foreign chemicals, liquescences to drain, support and nourish stressed or damaged organs, sarcodes to rebuild damaged tissue and treatment remedies to stimulate the body’s own healing power, draining and pushing toxins from the body.

We look at what demand is being made on individuals; what toxins are they exposed to and what life experiences are they actively engaged in. What motivates them and makes them the person they are. Holistic health sees symptoms as warning signs and accesses the influences which can overwhelm a body. This paradigm of healthcare looks at understanding the root cause of the symptoms. The body’s natural homoeostatsis can be affected by the accumulation of toxins, nutritional deficiencies, pH imbalances, physical stress and psychological trauma. The expression of unwellness is unique and determining factors can include genetic predisposition, personal characteristics and constitutions. The integrity of the endocrine system, nervous system, immunity and cellular health are called into question when the natural rhythm of the vital force is disturbed or impaired.

We understand the body and its defense mechanisms, the relationships between organs and emotions and the toxicity that can suppress biological mechanisms. We welcome like-minded professionals who are driven by reform and share our values.



For over twenty years we have dedicated ourselves to the pursuit of optimal health and wellness. It is our rationale that ill health arises from imbalances within the body. There is a definite connection between the body/mind/spirit relationship and the manifestation of illness.

Toxins play a crucial role in the discernible association of ill health. Accumulated toxins block the human cell’s ability to receive vital nutrients and oxygen and eliminate metabolic wastes. Toxins eventually enter the cells, distorting natural balance, altering normal gland or organ functions and producing symptoms of illness. They may not present themselves as significant pathological changes in tissue status until they have become gross (i.e. metastasised in body chemistry).

Complex homoeopathy offers a wide range of benefits to every healthcare practitioner. As a tool for good health, our products act to release, encourage and allow the natural processes of elimination, thus ridding the body of the root source that complicates good health. We help reduce toxic burdens and stressors and enhance energies that promote optimal self-healing.

Our products are appropriate and relevant to today’s healthcare sector. We have fine-tuned our skills and expertise in the face of radical health changes since we embarked on our journey in 1990 and with the help of our growing team, we will continue to be mindful and conscious of integrated therapies and how we can further assist, repair, maintain and nourish the body’s cells.



aboutHomoeopathy seeks to stimulate the body’s self-regulating mechanisms to initiate the healing process and restore balance to the life-force energy which sustains life.

Homoeopathic remedies are based on the concept that ‘like cures like’.  In the early 1800s, the German doctor Samuel Hahnemann delved further into this ancient philosophy.  He observed that a treatment for malaria, based on an extract of cinchona bark (quinine), actually produced symptoms of this disease when taken in a small dose by a healthy person.  Further extensive studies convinced him that the production of symptoms was the body’s way of combating illness. Hence, to give a minute dose of a substance that stimulated the symptoms of an illness in a healthy person could be used to fight that illness in someone who was sick.

Modern homoeopathy is based on Hahnemann’s work and medicines derived from plant, mineral and animal sources are used in extremely dilute amounts.   It is further believed that the curative properties are enhanced by each dilution because impurities that might cause unwanted side effects are lost.

Substances are first soaked in an ethanol solution to extract their essential ingredients.  It sits in this solution for 10-30 days before being filtered. The remaining solution, minus the particle, is the initial dilution called the ‘mother tincture’.  It is from this that the homeopathic remedy is made, with one drop of the original solution being diluted and succussed as often as needed to reach the required potency.

Succussion is the vigorous shaking of the solution.  This is believed to strengthen the remedies as energy is added with each succussion.

The Greek physician Hippocrates, the founding father of medicine, believed that disease resulted from the natural elements in the world which people inhabited.  So a person’s surrounding environment is key to their overall well-being.

Exposure to toxins can cause imbalances within the body.  Energy is the source creating body functions.  When the energy or life-force is affected, it is important to tune into the body; to listen to the symptoms and to understand what the body’s flow of energy is communicating.  By communicating reciprocally with energy, it is possible to return the body to its natural state. Homoeopathy is this messenger which reminds the body of good health.

About Our Products

About Our Products

New Vistas HealthcareWe have built a reputation with our customers for quality and efficiency. Complex homoeopathy – a key element in the wider science of  bio-energetic medicine – is the art of combining ingredients and potencies. The synergistic action of our products enhances therapeutic efficacy without inhibiting its own activity.

Each formula sharpens and develops the therapeutic response. Our harmonious combinations invite the body to utilise what is required. The cells will cultivate what is needed for regeneration and anything deemed unnecessary will dissipate. The route to good health is paved with impurities and we find that complex homoeopathy focuses the body gently in the right direction.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

argronomist with plantThe company operates Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Distribution Practices (GDP) in all aspects of its business. We hold a Manufacturers Licence from the Competent Authority to cover activities and we are inspected by the Authority from time to time in accordance with the regulations governing the manufacture of medicinal products.

Quality products start with quality raw materials. We source selectively, visit suppliers, look at their facilities and procedures, outline our requirements and build relationships. This includes relationships with well-established and recognised companies within natural healthcare.

Quality Control provides inspection of all raw materials, detailed sample testing and selected microbiological testing. During processing, Q.C. inspections are made and recorded and a final Q.C. inspection is made before products are placed on the shelf for dispatch.

NV small frontInternal self-inspection is carried out in all departments and recorded. Samples of raw materials and finished goods are taken at random and sent to an independent laboratory for microbiological and other testing so as to validate company findings.

All homoeopathic products are succussed and potentised using traditional hand-shaking which dates back to the time of Hahnemann.

It is company policy to use organic materials where such are available. All ingredients of animal origin are obtained from organically and bio-dynamically farmed sources. All sarcodes are prepared in accordance with requirements of the European Pharmacopeia and all processing and safety procedures have been scientifically validated. Herbs are sourced from GMP certified companies who operate to Pharmaceutical and Pharmacopeial standards. It is company policy not to use irradiated herbs or other materials

Demand is strong and we now export internationally. We field questions regarding our products although for a full consultation or health advice, we suggest seeing a local health practitioner. We have a large network of capable and fully qualified practitioners and are happy to recommend someone in your locality.