harmony of body and soulOur focus is the prevention and treatment of chronic health conditions. Health, wellness and fitness have somewhat struggled as priorities in this modern and ever-changing environment and so today our philosophy is of greater importance.

Complementary and alternative medicines offer therapies for the body, mind and soul. Some therapies originate from traditional Eastern philosophies and a holistic approach to healing is at the forefront of our message. Combing individual assessment with detoxification, drainage, organ support and immunomodulation offers an all-round therapeutic modality. Our skilled team have nurtured and developed top quality natural products and professional services which have helped signify us as strong contenders in our field.

Natural health remedies seek to address the underlying cause of the person’s condition in a gentle yet effective manner, without adding additional stress to the body. New Vistas products are designed with a philosophy, acknowledging the practical challenges facing the masses of people wishing to remain healthy through preventative measures. Through awareness and new thinking about the current environmental factors affecting health today, we can rise to the challenge of ill health and provide a synergistic effect that helps restore good health.

Our specific program for the chronically ill incorporates essential phases in the restoration of balance: Xenobiotics for detoxification of foreign chemicals, Liquescences to drain, support and nourish stressed or damaged organs, Sarcodes to rebuild damaged tissue and Treatment Remedies to stimulate the body’s own healing power, draining and pushing toxins from the body.

We look at what demand is being made of individuals, what toxins are they exposed to and what life experiences are they actively engaged in. What motivates them and makes them the person they are. Holistic health sees symptoms as warning signs and accesses the influences which can overwhelm a body. This paradigm of healthcare looks at understanding the root cause of the symptoms. The body’s natural homoeostatsis can be affected by the accumulation of toxins, nutritional deficiencies, pH imbalances, physical stress and psychological trauma. The expression of unwellness is unique and determining factors can include genetic predisposition, personal characteristics and constitutions. The integrity of the endocrine system, nervous system immunity and cellular health are called in to question when the natural rhythm of the vital force is disturbed or impaired.

We understand the body and its defense mechanisms, the relationships between organs and emotions and the toxicity that can suppress biological mechanisms. We welcome like-minded professionals who are driven by reform and share our values.