New Vistas HealthcareWe have built a reputation with our customers for quality and efficiency. Complex homoeopathy is the art of combining ingredients and potencies. The synergistic action of our products enhances therapeutic efficacy without inhibiting its own activity.

Each formula sharpens and develops the therapeutic response. Our harmonious combinations invite the body to utilise what it requires. The cells will cultivate what is needed for regeneration and anything not beneficial will dissipate. The route to good health is paved with impurities and we find that complex homoeopathy focuses the body gently in the right direction.

Quality Assurance

argronomist with plantThe company operates Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Distribution Practices (GDP) in all aspects of its business. We hold a Manufacturers Licence from the Competent Authority to cover activities and we are inspected by the Authority from time to time in accordance with the regulations governing the manufacture of medicinal products.

Quality products start with quality raw materials. We source selectively, visit suppliers, look at their facilities and procedures, outline our requirements and build relationships. This includes relationships with well-established and recognised companies within natural healthcare.

Quality Control provides inspection of all raw materials, detailed sample testing and selected microbiological testing. During processing, Q.C. inspections are made and recorded and a final Q.C. inspection is made before products are placed on the shelf for dispatch.

NV small frontInternal self-inspection is carried out in all departments and recorded. Samples of raw materials and finished goods are taken at random and sent to an independent laboratory for microbiological and other testing so as to validate company findings.

All homoeopathic products are succussed and potentised using traditional hand-shaking which dates back to the time of Hahnemann.

It is company policy to use organic materials where such are available. All ingredients of animal origin are obtained from organically and bio-dynamically farmed sources. All sarcodes are prepared in accordance with requirements of the European Pharmacopeia and all processing and safety procedures have been scientifically validated. Herbs are sourced from GMP certified companies who operate to Pharmaceutical and Pharmacopeial standards. It is company policy not to use irradiated herbs or other materials

Demand is strong and we now export internationally. We field questions regarding our products although for a full consultation or health advice, we suggest seeing a local health practitioner. We have a large network of capable and fully qualified practitioners and are happy to recommend someone in your locality.