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ThetaHealing – One Day Workshop – Cardiff, September 2015

ThetaHealing® is a simple technique that uncovers the negative limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind and changes them, empowering you to move forward in your life in a positive way. By harnessing the mind’s extraordinary power, you really can have the life that you dream of. However, the negative beliefs that you have in your subconscious mind limit your possibilities and can block your way forward.

Learn how to use ThetaHealing on yourself or as a pre-cursor to the Practitioner Course.

  • Develop intuitive & visualisation skills.
  • Connect & communicate with universal energy.
  • Learn simple muscle testing techniques.
  • Recognise how negative subconscious beliefs & feelings create obstacles.

 September 13th 2015

The Chapter, Market Rd, Canton, Cardiff, CF5 1QE


For booking, please email Mayella Reynolds on [email protected]


Cardiff Natural Health Show – 2015

This weekend – May 9th & 10th – we are attending the Cardiff Natural Health Show in the heart of Cardiff city. The health and wellness exhibition opens at 10.30am each morning at the lovely Parc Hotel, Park Place. This is a special anniversary for the show, celebrating 20 years of bringing holistic health and spiritual guidance to people. Hope to see you there.

ARH Conference & AGM – 2015

The Alliance of Registered Homeopaths will host their annual conference this month in London. The theme ‘Brave New World’ will showcase how homeopathy can help restore balance in order to create a sustainable world which works in harmony with nature. Key speakers include Delny Britton, Martine Mercy, Oliver Dowding and Ian Watson.

Date: May 16th 2015

Venue: St Mary Abbotts Cenre, London, W8 4HN

Tickets are still available for both members and non-members. For more information, go to or call the ARH office on 01825 714506.


York Health & Healing Festival

We will be attending the York Health & Healing Festival this weekend, April 18th & 19th, at York Racecourse.

There are over 95 exhibition stands with live music, demonstrations and workshops. For more information on this wonderful event, please go to

We look forward to welcoming you there throughout the weekend.

Homeopathy – Homeopathic Medical Association – Celebrating 30 Years

The HMA (Homeopathic Medical Association) will host its annual conference and AGM on April 12th in London at the Russell Hotel. This year is a special celebratory year as it is the association’s 30th anniversary.

Speaking at this years event will be Dr. Stephen Bourne, Dr. Brian Caplan and Dr. A U Ramakrishnan. For more information on the conference, please view their full brochure here. Places are still available for the event from the HMA office.

A range of holistic health exhibitors will also be attendance, including ourselves, so we invite all our practitioners to stop by and say hello.

Ilkley Complementary Medicine Festival – Yorkshire – March 2015

Ilkley in West Yorkshire is home to the ever-popular Ilkley Complementary Medicine Festival. Held twice yearly, this exciting exhibition showcases an array of holistic and complementary remedies and therapies.

This month, New Vistas will have a stand at the ICMF, so if you are in the Kings Hall/Winter Gardens on March 28-29, please do drop by.

Both days will also feature interesting workshops and lectures, such as introductions to the Bowen Technique, Alexander Technique, mindfulness and raw chi food.

There’s loads to see and do here. For more information, please see

Homeotherapy 1: Introduction to Toxicology – Worcestershire – May 2015

Modern health is compounded by homotoxins – chemical  and biochemical toxins – stress, insufficient nutrients and inactivity. Complex homoeopathy integrates homoeopathic principles with holistic wisdom, offering a personalised health plan that will advocate natural and energetic restoration.

We will introduce our philosophy of healthcare and explore how detoxification and homoeopathic nutrition can help alleviate acute & chronic ailments. Homeotherapy can be utilised in any CAM provider setting and the New Vistas concept can be incorporated daily to promote good health and vitality.

This seminar qualifies for 6 CPD hours.

Date: May 15th

Venue: The Wishing Well, 16 St. John Street, Bromsgrove, B61 8QY

Tutor: Sally Ann Hutcheson, RS Hom, ND, Cert ASK

Time: registration 9.15am   seminar 9.30am-5.00pm

Early Bird price – £55 Early Bird (if booked & paid for before April 17th) All bookings thereafter £70.

For more information, please contact Kate Cagney on [email protected] or call the UK office on 01244 560 345.

Read the full flyer here.

Mercury Toxicity – Clinical considerations for amalgam poisoning

Mercury toxicity is a condition caused by the exposure to mercury. The WHO has stated that exposure to mercury may cause serious health problems.
In his article ‘Biological Dentistry’, Dr Stephen Bourne talks about the health consequences of mercury exposure and how practitioners can counter its ill-effects. Read full article.

Dr Bourne specialises in non-suppressive medicine using vegatest methodology. He is on the British Registrar of Complementary Practitioners and practices integrative medicine from his clinic in Finchley.
On April 12th, he will lecture at the HMA’s annual conference in London (, discussing the clinical considerations of geopathic and electromagnetic stress.

New Vistas Healthcare

Turmeric – Useful supplement for cognitive enhancement

Researchers at the Monash University, Australia has highlighted the positive effects turmeric can have on cognitive function. The experimental study, on a group of over 60s  diagnosed with pre-diabetes, showed a clear improvement in working memory. Diabetes is a precursor to cognitive impairment and dementia.

The study, originally published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition, showed that early intervention can help reduce the risk or impact of cognitive ailments and can help offset more serious impairment in the future.  Read full article.

Homeotherapy: Toxicology – London – April 2015

Our holistic approach details how toxicity is influencing today’s health and how homeotherapy can aid therapeutic programs through detoxification and homeopathic nutrition.

Our philosophy of health integrates toxicology, lifestyle, symptoms and traits to help facilitate a thorough personalised health plan, ensuring a comprehensive, sustainable and holistic approach to healthcare. Our concepts offer a practical tool for all modern practitioners.

Ideal for a New Vistas novice or for practitioners wishing to extend their therapeutic spectrum.

For more detailed information on our seminar, please visit our Training page or to book a place, contact Kate on 01244 560 345 or 078 76496160. Email [email protected]