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Evening meditationComplex Homoeopathy is the art of combining ingredients and potencies and is the most popular type of homoeopathy used in the world today.

It is this branch of science that has created the renaissance of homeopathic prescribing in the new millennium. Combination ingredients are chosen based on a symptomatic picture and the combinations are engineered to give a broad-based range of effectiveness.

They contrast with singular homoeopathic remedies which usually have smaller realms of utilisation. Thus, combination homeopathy offers the doctor, patient and consumer a wider range of utility and choice. In nature, everything exists in a combination form and the law of synergy is based on the principle that the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Our Combination remedies have been developed following careful sourcing and blending of the ingredients so as to maximise the synergistic effect. Complementary herbs are chosen and careful attention is paid to avoid a combination with antidoting ingredients. The resulting effect is the equivalent to a new singular formula.

Our Combination remedies are safe and effective. They can help minimise a potential healing crisis, reducing feelings of sickness or malaise. The extensive range has a wide scope of applications. They can be utilised by professionals for chronic conditions and they can equally be used for acute conditions and self-care.

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