Xenobiotics – Detox Therapy

Time to DetoxThe Xenobiotic remedies address the ill-effects of a specific host of toxins and apply the law of homoeopathic neutralisation thus providing practical counteragents. Higher potencies are combined with lower potencies thus ensuring a ‘deeper’ result to the chronic level of toxicity, the miasm level and the acute or predisposed level.

The range of products include antidotes to the ill-effects of asbestos, chemicals, beauty products, industrial solvents, environmental toxins, waste materials, various metals including mercury amalgams and many more.

Xenobiotic remedies bring homoeopathy to a new level of effectiveness. The remedies stimulate the vital force within the body to detoxify and cleanse itself. They reduce or eliminate the ill-effects on the immune and lymphatic systems with secondary effects varying to the specific aim of each individual product.

The Xenobiotic range is safe to use, effective and produces rapid results. Care is required when prescribing, particularly in cases of severe and chronic conditions. In such cases, layered detox is recommended.

Organ support in conjunction with or prior to detox will help with aggravation and avoid a healing crisis. Organ support is critically important in cases of severe and multiple toxic conditions and should be supported with the New Vistas Liquescences, which are designed to complement the Xenobiotics.

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