Classical Kinesiology Institute UK – Leicester

The Classical Kinesiology Institute offers quality kinesiology courses that are highly respected within the natural healthcare sector. It has held this reputation for over 30 years thanks to its founder, Terry Larder, who brings an abundance of CAM experience to the table. Terry has previously served on the board of the Kinesiology Federation.

The courses in kinesiology combine naturopathy and incorporates best practice and National Occupational Standards in both modalities.

Kinesiology is a natural, non-invasive approach to holistic healthcare. It uses muscle testing as a means of assessing imbalances throughout the body, addressing structural, nutritional and emotional problems. It can be used on its own or alongside other therapies as an invaluable tool to help the body’s healing processes.

The core curriculum covers anatomy and physiology, nutrition, counselling, ethics and clinical medicine.

A breakdown of their foundation, diploma, post grad and CPD courses are all available on their website –¬†